Dress Up for Down Syndrome Awareness Week

Invites your school, organisation or workplace to raise awareness of Down syndrome within South Australia.

To participate in the Dress Up for Down Syndrome SA you can hold your event at any time during the month of October to raise awareness about Down syndrome and to support people with Down syndrome to achieve their potential in the community highlighting their strengths, abilities and contributions.

Be a team player and support people with Down syndrome. Dress up for a good cause in orange and black to support the Down Syndrome SA brand which helps us to tell our story. It carries with it authority and credibility and it helps us to tell the Down syndrome story clearly and consistently.

Our Brand: The Dancing Drum Story

Emily often played at school with Brandon. They were friends. And the reception teacher had explained to the whole class why Brandon was like he was. But one evening at home, Emily just had to ask, "Mum, how come Brandon gets to have his own dancing drum?"

We help people with Down syndrome march to the beat of their own drum.

To receive your Fundraising Kit please contact Down Syndrome SA on (08) 8245 4600 or email info@downssa.asn.au

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